Finding your place 

At the Ethical Culture Fieldston School, clubs do more than provide gathering spaces for students outside the classroom. Student activities are tied to the School’s mission and promote an enthusiasm for learning and artistic expression, as well as cultural competency and ethical leadership. See below for the exciting array of clubs offered at both Fieldston上 and Fieldston中间. 


Environmental Club to the Yearbook Club to 模拟试验 — and over 60 others — Fieldston上 maintains an extensive and vibrant program of student activities. 

The vast array of activities enables students to develop creative, 学术, and recreational interests, sometimes even introducing students to possible future careers. 俱乐部 encourage students to learn the responsibilities of leadership, as well as the skills of cooperation in group activities. Many clubs at Fieldston上 also provide services to the greater community, giving students the opportunity to be ethical leaders both in and outside of the classroom. 

俱乐部 are created and run by students with the help of faculty advisors. With so many clubs to choose from, it’s easy to find your place at ECFS — or create your own. 俱乐部 meet weekly during a designated activities period. 

Current Fieldston上 clubs include:

Activists Allies and Leaders (AAL)African Students AssociationAlternative Investment Club
Architecture and Urban Planning Club用心的艺术读书俱乐部
卡泼卫勒舞俱乐部国际象棋俱乐部Computer Science Club
Conversations to Guatemala烹饪俱乐部填字游戏俱乐部
地下城 & 龙辩论俱乐部Dunks for Diabetes
鹰的电视Engineering ClubFieldston Environmental Club
时尚俱乐部Females in FinanceFieldston Political Journal
Fieldston Sports BulletinFieldston Podcast Club电影俱乐部
初稿Future Medical Professionals徒步旅行俱乐部
Jewish Women in Society听党数学俱乐部
Mental Health Club模拟试验模拟联合国
Music Appreciation, Curation & 分析One Love Club: Let’s Talk Healthy Relationships and Social Media扑克俱乐部
Political Action ClubQueer Straight AllianceQueer 时尚俱乐部
Rube Goldberg Engineering ClubShark Tank: Fieldston’s Young EntrepreneursSocial Entrepreneurship Club
Student-Athletes of Color ClubTechnical Theatre ClubThe Automotive Club
The Breakfast ClubThe Fieldston NewsThe Gallery Project
The Media Literacy ClubThe Open Student ClubThe Restart Club
The Robin Hood Giving Back Club家教小孩电子游戏俱乐部
威士忌布拉沃STEM领域的女性Women’s Empowerment Club
变化的世界作家的实验室חברים בעברית (Hebrew Speaking Club)


Whether learning about complex global challenges in 模拟联合国, creating one-of-a-kind beats in Digital Music, or designing Lego robots in Robotics Club — Fieldston中间 students have ample opportunities to expand their 学术 and recreational horizons outside the classroom.  

俱乐部 in Fieldston中间 meet during lunch as well as after school (please note: some after school offerings have associated fees. 点击 在这里 to learn more about the Fieldston中间 after school program and available financial aid.)

Current Fieldston中间 clubs include:

开放的工作室Sneaky Games ClubStudent Leadership Club
The Mental Health Awareness ClubUrban Garden Club (formerly MS Environmental Club)